Tips for choosing a good domain
for your online project

What is a domain, what different types of domain exist, what characteristics should you take into account when choosing it, how the choice of domain affects the SEO of your website and much more.

Interesting facts and statistics
about the world of domains

Do you know what was the first domain name in the world? Do you know which domain extensions are the most registered internationally? Discover the 10 most expensive domains in history and how much was paid for their registration!

The new
domain extensions

What was the purpose of creating the new domain extensions? What new gTLDs are the most successful worldwide? What about Spain? Don't miss out infographic about new GTLDs!

Do you know which is
the ideal hosting for your website?

What are the different types of web hosting? How does the web hosting service affect SEO? Download our eBook and infographic about the world of web hosting!

What do you need to create an e-commerce?

Do you know what an e-commerce is, how to create it and what strategies to follow to success? Don't miss our ebook and infographic on how to succeed with an online store.

Online shopping habits of Spaniards

76.4% of Spanish Internet users usually buy online. Find out which demographic groups buy and spend the most and which are the best-sellers of online shopping.

How to set up your e-commerce
with WordPress and WooCommerce

Discover step by step how to create your online store with WooCommerce: from choosing the theme to configuring the payment or shipping methods. Also general tips to succeed with your e-commerce.