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Recovery through

If the domain you want has already been registered by someone else, we'll negotiate with the current owner to try to purchase the domain name on your behalf.

Administrative Recovery

If you have a registered trademark and you want the domain name corresponding to your brand name we offer a specific service for domain dispute arbitration.


Recover your domain name through legal action. Let one of our legal advisors evaluate your case and offer you advice on recovering your domain name.

We offer everything you need


All negotiations are anonymous. Your company's name will be kept entirely confidential throughout the whole process.


Our top priorities are to successfully recover your domain and provide you with timely advice. Let one of our specialists help you achieve your goals.


Our long-standing market experience guarantees our reliability at every step of the domain recovery process.


Our team of specialists is ready to offer you customized advice on the best strategy to get the domain name you want.


Payment is made only when we are in full control of the domain. We operate under the highest standards of security to guarantee our clients a safe transaction.


We've been working in domain recovery for numerous years. Thanks to our market experience we can recommend the best way for you to recover the domain you want.

Domain Recovery

We can try to help you get the domain you want, even if someone else has already registered it. Let one of our specialists take care of the negotiations for you.

  • We’ll try to purchase the domain name you want for the best price possible, helping you make a strategic domain investment. There are no additional costs if we don’t successfully recover the domain.

  • For 30 days one of our experts will try to recover your domain and negotiate with the current owner. Everything will be done with total transparency depending on the budget you have indicated.

  • We’ll take care of all the administrative and financial aspects, including the transfer of the domain and the change of ownership. We’ll give you strategic advice at every step along the way

The Domain Recovery Service also includes the following:

Domain analysis and research of ownership details

We’ll carry out a detailed analysis to fully understand the domain you want, including who currently owns it and its current market position

Numerous attempts to contact the current owner

For 30 days, one of our experts will be dedicated to contacting the current owner in order to make an offer and attempt to purchase the domain

Transparent negotiations

At every step along the way, we'll share information with you and provide you with timely updates on our progress. We'll negotiate the best price possible based on your budget.

One time set-up fee

We'll handle the recovery of your domain from start to finish. We'll find out who owns the domain and how much they want for it.

Domain transfer and change of ownership

We take care of organizing the transfer of the domain transfer and the change of ownership, including all the paperwork. You'll find the domain on your control panel.

One year maintenance

Following a successful recovery, we'll maintain your new domain name for one year.

Administrative recovery

Recover domain attributed to your name or your brand.

  • Administrative Recovery is a service that allows you to challenge the registration of a domain and to obtain the reallocation following all the administrative practices (Mandatory Administrative Procedures).

  • If the domain you are interested in is identical or easily confused with the domain owner, or there is bad faith and fraudulent use of your name and your online reputation, you can recover it thanks to the support of our experts.

  • Administrative procedures include practices and rules relating to the cases of use in bad faith on the part of others, cybersquatting, identity theft.

Administrative recovery also includes:

Analysis and verification of your domain status

We analyze carefully your domain, its history, your target market, evaluating potential, opportunities, characteristics.

Preventive and free appraisal

Ours is a preventive analysis, which allows us to advise you before starting any procedure on the real possibilities of success to recover the domain of interest.

Legal Assistance

We employ legal partnerships and the support of our experts, with whom we will suggest you the best solutions for the administrative recovery of you are interested in domain.

Analysis and verification

We verify the possible cases in which the nominee has not any right or legitimate interest in the recording or the domain was registered and used in bad faith, to guarantee assistance and protection.

Domain transfer and change owner

We take care of all procedures involved in the change owner and the actual transfer of the domain, to help simplify the bureaucratic and recovery managerial issues.

Transparency and sharing

Each step of our analysis is always sharing and as much as possible the information with our customers. We want to protect you and guarantee transparency of information.


Legal Recovery

Analyze the chances of recovering a legally domain.

  • We can analyze more closely the legislation in force, the salvage rights, ownership information of the domain name you are interested in with the support of our law firm partners.

  • We work to analyze any disputes by identifying the most secure path to get to our goal: to recover the domain name that interests you.

  • We protect your brand from fraudulent use or from illegal purposes.

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