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Ideal for companies that offer cloud services. The domain extension .cloud allow users to identify you quickly and unequivocally as a provider of cloud services.

3,90€ /year *

It is one of the most popular new domain names in the world. It's ideal for all types of businesses and highlights your presence on the Internet like no other!

0,90€ /year *

Perfect tld for online stores, but also for physical shops, department stores, franchises or outlets. It's also very representative for physical or virtual storage services.

0,90€ /year *

Companies, news websites, online stores... The .site applies to any type of website, since the generic term "site" adapts to all types of services, products or sectors.

0,90€ /year *

*See offer conditions here


"Website" is understandable in all world languages. It is ideal for any website, as it immediately makes us think of online presence.

0,90€ /year *

The .space domain is optimal to represent am infinity of concepts: architecture, art, music. Show your creations to the word!

0,90€ /year *

If you have a website or a streaming video channel with videos, memes or all kinds of fun content, choose a .fun for your website! You will destroy!

0,90€ /year *

The domain extension .UNO symbolizes pioneering and authenticity. Show that you are unique and get a .UNO for your website!

0,90€ /year *

*See offer conditions here

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All services are included

WordPress and cPanel
Domain names at Nominalia include WordPress. You have a 1 GB dynamic hosting that you can easily manage with cPanel. Register your domain now, activate WordPress on it and start building an amazing website!

Site Assistant AI
Each domain includes the AI Design Assistant, an exclusive tool enabling you to create a WordPress website in minutes using Artificial Intelligence, without the need for technical knowledge.

3 email boxes
Your domain includes 3 email boxes of 2 GB each with antivirus, antispam and a backup tool. Your email can be consulted via webmail or other email platforms.

SSL Certificate
At Nominalia, all domains include Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, which show that your WordPress site is secure thanks to the HTTPS protocol. The security of your data is guaranteed!

Web editor Simply Site Micro
If you don't want to create your site in WordPress, you can do it with the reduced version of the Simply Site editor that we also include for free in your domain. You will create your website with amazing ease!

Free DNS management
From your Client Zone you will be able to manage the DNS of your domain as you please, in full autonomy and without the need to contact the Support service.

There are many additional services included in every new domain registration.

Do you have a registered trademark?

With one of our Online Brand Protection experts you can register the domain name that matches your brand name in advance, before anyone else.


The phase in which registered trademark holders, who are subscribed to the TMCH, have priority registration on domain names corresponding to their brand names.

Early Access Program

The phase where anyone can pre-register a new domain before others, at a price that decreases over time.


The final phase of public availability, where anyone can register a new domain, if it’s available.

Why is it important to register in advance?

All new domains that are released on the market can be pre-registered before they become available to the public.

A competitive edge

Pre-registering a domain offers you first choice: we will attempt to purchase your domain at the time of registration.

It’s free of charge

Pre-registration of a domain allows you to attempt to register your domain first, at no additional costs, other than the cost of purchasing the domain.

Guaranteed refund

andrà a buon fine. In questo caso verrai rimborsato dell'intero importo. If someone else has already pre-registered the domain, your request will not be successful. In this case you will be refunded the entire amount.

We've got the answers you need

  • What are the new domains and how do they work?

    By ‘New Domains’ we mean new domain extensions that have been released on the market over the past three years. Choice in registering a domain has greatly expanded. In addition to the most commonly used extensions (such as .it, .com, and .net), there are now hundreds of new generic extensions (new gTLDs) such as .bio, .pizza, .wine, .agency, .club, .company, etc. Domains registered in a new extension are identical to those registered in a standard extension: there is no difference in terms of their technology and they are indexed by search engines in the same way.

  • My domain is already registered in a standard extension, should I also register it a new extension?

    Registering a new domain offers you many advantages. First, it lets you to match your brand name to a specific extension. For example, if you’re a photographer, you’d be able to register your domain in a new extension that immediately identifies you, such as .photo or .photography. Second, by registering a new domain you’re protecting your brand name from fraudulent registrations: someone could register your name and exploit your image and/or sell counterfeit products under your name.

  • What is the pre-registration phase of a domain?

    Domain names registered in a new extension can be pre-registered or reserved, before they are actually released. Pre-registering a domain increases your chances of getting the domain you want. The procedure has no additional cost, you only pay the price of a normal registration. Once you have pre-registered a domain, we will make every attempt to purchase it for you, the second it becomes available. If the procedure is not successful (for example, if you were not the first person to pre-register the domain) we will be refunded the entire amount.

  • What is the Sunrise phase?

    Before a new extension is made available for registration, trademark holders who have included their trademark in the TMCH (the Trademark Clearinghouse, the largest registered trademark database), will be able to register the domain name corresponding to their brand name before anyone else. This priority phase is regulated by the TMCH and it’s called the Sunrise Period. Our experts are available to assist your in registering your brand with the TMCH.

  • What is the Early Access Program?

    Once the Sunrise Period has ended, some of the new domain extensions go through an Early Access Program (EAP). During this phase, anyone can register or pre-register a new domain. We’ll attempt to register the domain for you up to 7 days ahead of time. The cost of the priority pre-registration decreases over time, from the first to the fifth day and the price does not vary in the last two weeks. If the attempt to register the domain is not successful, you will be refunded the entire amount.
    On the other hand, with a priority registration, you can register the domain you want on any of the 7 days before the official launch of the new extension. The cost of priority registration decreases from the first to the firth day and the price does not vary in the last two weeks.

  • What is General Availability?

    This is the final phase in which a new extension is released on the market and becomes available for registration by anyone. In this phase, if the domain name is available, the first person to register it will get the domain. No priority criteria is applied.

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