Private registration for a domain

Protect your personal information with a private registration

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Avoid spam, telemarketing, fraud and identity thief. The private registration allows you to hide the information of .com, .net, .org, .info, .mobi domains.

Why choose private registration for my domain

Protect all information of your online identity and keep your data safe from illegal actions

Hidden email
and phone number

Your number and your email address will be replaced with Nominalia's alphanumeric alias. The new phone number will be our customer care telephone. The email will be replaced by a redirection towards your real contact email.

Hidden and alternative
mailing address

We receive at our office your paper mail authorized by you, and we resend you via fax. In the most serious cases, the risk of publishing their data involves identity theft and fraud.

Available for
generic extensions

The private registration service is available for the extensions .com, .net, .org, .info, .mobi, .biz, .tv, .cc, and can be associated to the domain during first registration process or afterwards.

Can be switched
at anytime

If you need your data to be displayed again, you can disable the private registration feature from your Control Panel. The feature is useful in case of direct negotiations for the sale of a domain.

Activate your data privacy at any time

You can activate your Private Whois in the domain regitration proces or even for already registered domains.

Email protection
Phone number protection
Postal address protection
Encryption of the email address into an alphanumeric alias
Every 10 days
Paper mail reception
Sent via fax
Copying and forwarding of authorized snail mail
Forwarded to your contact account
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Example of Standard and Private Registrations


The data is published in the WHOIS database and can be consulted by anyone

  • Titular
    Ana Molina

  • Domain

  • Contacto Administrativo
    Diagonal 586
    08021, Barcelona
    tel. +93 055 3048


Your data is replaced with anonymous information

  • Owner
    Nominalia Internet SL
    Carrer d'Ulldecona, nº 21, 1ª Planta
    08038, Barcelona

  • Domain

  • Contacto Administrativo
    Nominalia Internet SL
    Carrer d'Ulldecona, nº 21, 1ª Planta
    08038, Barcelona
    +93 288 4062

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