What is affiliate marketing?

How to earn money as a Nominalia affiliate

Become a Nominalia affiliate and make money with your website!

Register as a publisher in the affiliate marketing platform Awin and wait for your request to be approved by the Awin team.

Click on the Nominalia advertiser profile and click on "Join the program". We will receive your application as a Nominalia affiliate.

Nominalia will review your affiliate profile and your website and will approve your request as Nominalia affiliate, assigning you a commission for each sale you achieve (the vast majority of affiliates have the "Standard" commission).

Choose the creatives (banners, logos, text links) that Nominalia displays on its profile and start promoting Nominalia products in your own way. Earn money with every sale you enable!

Nominalia pays the highest commissions in the sector

Our affiliates earn the highest commissions in the industry which, depending on the product, can be between 5% and 40% of the cart value.
To make all commissions interesting for our affiliates, we set a fixed commission for products that have a very low selling price.

Dominain names

Earn up to
20 €
(fixed commission)

Web Hosting

Earn up to
€ 72
(30% of the cart value)


Earn up to
€ 396
(10% of the cart value)


Earn up to
€ 90
(30% of the cart value)

Simply Site

Earn up to
€ 9,50
(5% of the cart value)

Simply Shop

Earn up to
€ 18
(5% of the cart value)

SSL certificates

Earn up to
€ 96
(10% of the cart value)

Cloud Backup

Earn up to
€ 96
(15% of the cart value)

Advantages of being an affiliate of the Nominalia brand

We create exclusive offers for affiliates

Nominalia reserves exclusive offers for its affiliates to help them drive sales from their own channels.
Take the advantage of selling cheaper than us and make the most of it!

You earn large commissions for each sale

Get up to 40% of the cart value of that particular sale. We can afirm that our CPA (commission per sale) is one of the highest in our industry.
We love paying the best commissions to our affiliates!

No need to invest nor take risks of any kind

Joining our affiliate program and promoting our products is free. Our collaboration also does imply any sale commitment: if you don't sell anything, you don't lose anything either, you can only win!
Register here and sign up as Nominalia affiliate in order to start earning money asap!

You benefit from the notoriety of Nominalia

It is much easier to sell products from a well-known brand, since the investment in marketing and brand awareness is already done by the company. You just have to be a bran ally and join efforts to enhance it.

Moreover, you have the guarantee of selling a solid company's services with a long history in the industry, to which the buyer could claim in case of dissatisfaction with the purchased product. This certainly builds consumer confidence!

You choose how, when and where to sell Nominalia products

You choose how to drive traffic to Nominalia website: by email, through social networks, with discount coupons, through banners on your website, generating content marketing... Create your own sales strategy and communicate in your own way.
You choose how, when and where to do it!

You get commission for any sale

You will earn money for any Nominalia's product sale.
Whether someone has bought the product that you advertise or he has bought another product, as long as the buyer came from your website and ended up buying a Nominalia product, we will pay you a commission for that particular sale according to the cart value.

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