Your personal email

Three 2GB email addresses are included with each registered or transferred domain.

Additional sends
+ 1000 sends per day only 1,58 € per month
+ 5000 sends per day only 7,92 € per month

Protect all your domain’s email from viruses and SPAM only 2€ per month

Choose the right solution

3 Email accounts
of 2 GB space

5 Email accounts
of 2 GB space

10 Email accounts
of 2 GB space

25 Email accounts
of 2 GB space

3 Email Accounts
of 10 GB space

5 Email accounts
of 10 GB space

10 Email accounts
of 10 GB space

25 Email accounts
of 10 GB space


Choose between email accounts of 2, 5, 10 GB. We create the customized solution for you

Lots of other services are already included

Associate your domain
Your email address contains your website’s domain name, so it’s easy to memorize and it adds a touch of professionalism.

Up to 10 GB per email box
Storage space varies from 2 GB to a maximum of 10 GB. You’ll no longer have to cancel your messages because of a lack of space.

POP3/IMAP access
Log into your email from POP3/IMAP clients. Configure on Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mail...

500 SMTP email sends a day included
Not all providers allow SMTP sends from client email, i.e. from programs like Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, etc. Our Email solution includes 500 sends per day per email box.

Advanced Webmail
Manage your email, organize your address book and your activities. Webmail is included in every Email plan. It’s a useful tool for organizing both your work and free time.

Choose the right solution
You can choose three email boxes ranging from 2 to 10 GB, or choose 10 email boxes. Contact us for a customized plan that’s fit your needs best.

The first three email addresses are included with each registered domain.

More than a simple WebMail

Filters and Blacklist
Gather all your email automatically in a single file or create a blacklist of the addresses that you no longer want to receive messages from.

Automatic reply
Set your custom message to automatically alert anyone who contacts you in your absence.

For tablet and smartphone too
You can set up your email on your favorite smartphone or tablet email program and navigate from the WebMail browser optimized for mobile devices.

Activity management
Your email becomes your personal assistant. In addition to your inbox, keep track of all your projects and activities, and keep you data under control.

Calendar and appointments
Manage your engagements and deadlines with the calendar. Only with Email Pro can you receive reminders right on your mobile phone.

Twitter, email and RSS feed
In the "Portal" section, you can import the following RSS feeds, link your Twitter account, check your calendar appointments, and more.

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Additional sends(SMTP)
Send even more messages from the email programs that you use (eg Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail...) or from any mobile device.

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Our antispam systems are based on Cloudmark software, chosen by global carriers and ISPs, to protect more than a billion people worldwide from SPAM, viruses and phishing.