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Addressed to trademarks, the service will grant you priority access to the registration of domain names that correspond to your brand. It will also alert you when a potentially damaging domain name is registered.


This service will block from registration more than 275 domain names that correspond to your brand to keep them safe from cybersquatting. Keep your brand digital assets strategically protected with DPML!

Adult Block

This service allow trademark owners to block their domain names and variants from adult domain extensions .sex, .porn, .adult and .xxx, with no individual registration. Just one process for up to 10 years or protection.

Trademark Clearinghouse

Register in advanced those domain names corresponding to your trademark.

Trademark Clearinghouse Certified Agent

Priority access

Every time a new domain extension is launched, TMCH allows you to request priority access to register your trademark domain before giving it general availability. Protect your brand by registering your domain names at the right time.


Registering your trademark in TMCH is a good and usefull measure to deter third parties from fraudulently registering your domain names. When someone tries to register your trademark domain name, they are informed that it is legally protected by a legit owner.


TMCH service alerts you when someone is trying to register a domain name that contains your trademark. Control over your brand, how it's being used and decide whether to take any action to register or recover domains that may damage your brand's reputation.

Domains Protected Marks List

Exclude your domain names from the market

Multi-year coverage

When a new domain extension goes to market, its registrability is automatically blocked for those domain names that contain your trademark. For 5 years, only you will be able to use those domain names and tld and no one else will be able to register them for ill purposes.


Combine TMCH with DPML to protect your digital assets in hundreds of domain names and new TLDs before they go to market and reach general avaiability. A proactive strategy is the best way to keep your brand's reputation safe online.

Quick and flexible

With only one registration process, you will cover more than 275 domain names (new TLDs included), avoid the cost of individually registering them, and keep them safe from expiration risks. Time is money: don't waste it registering domains one by one!

Adult Block

Protect your brand from adult domain extensions

Trademark and variants

Adult Block offers an extensive coverage by not only blocking the exact match with your trademark, but also variants, homoglyphs and similar characters, IDN characters in all ICM TLDs, and confusing characters, like numbers instead of letters.

More for less

Block your domain names from the extensions .porn, .sex, .adult and .xxx at a time in one process, for 1, 3, 5 or 10 yeaers. Get a proactive protection for your domain names for a minor cost and longer renewal periods.

Maximum coverage

Adult Block also blocks trademarks that aren't registered in Trademark Clearinghouse, product or service designations that are not trademarked, corporate or organisation names, and celebrity names.

Your questions, our answers

  • What does TMCH mean?

    TMCH stands for Trademark Clearinghouse.
    It is the database authorized by ICANN which contains trademarks registered worldwide. Created during the marketing of new domains (new gTLDs), it is the most important brand protection service in the world about new domains.

  • What does DPML mean?

    DPML stands for Domains Protected Marks List. You can access this service only if you have registered your Brand in TMCH database. This service allows you to stop the registration of your domain in the new extensions that are periodically released on the market.

  • I have a domain with a generic or geographical extension, can I use DPML and TMCH and services?

    No, estos servicios están dedicados únicamente a los dominios registrados en las nuevas extensiones (new gTLD). Si tienes dominios con las extensión .it, .com, .net, .org, etc, no puedes comprar ni TMCH ni DPML para estos dominios.

  • I do not have a registered trademark, can I use TMCH, DPML and Adult Block services?

    To use the DPML service, you must first be registered with your Brand in TMCH database, and enrolling your Brand in TMCH database requires that the Brand is registered.
    For Adult Block, your brand has to be trademarked, but it doesn't have to be registered in the TMCH. However, Adult Block also blocks product or service denominations that are NOT trademarked, as well as corporate or organisation names, and celebrity names.

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