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What is Premium Assistance?

In Nominalia we put at your disposal the knowledge of our technicians to do any change,
installation or data recovery in any of your purchased products.
Save time while our professional team works for you.


From migrations to WordPress optimization. Let us help you bring your website from another provider and keep it updated with the last security and cache memory plugin versions.


Have you erased one or more emails involuntarily? Do you need to configure your email account in any mail management software? Or maybe you only want to take your email accounts from another company to Nominalia, we are at your service to do this and more.


We can set up your new server so you start working right away or we can configure your backup server so you don't have to install or configure it.


We have security measures for your website like, for example, Sitelock. If you want to we can install it and set it up for you so it makes everyday analysis of your site.

An unbeatable service

Technicians with years of experience at your service

Save time and money

A lot of operations are mechanical and complex, they can make you lose a valuable time to your business management, too. Leave these tasks in expert hands, save time and consequentially, money. We can handle it!

Efficiency and safety guaranteed

If you're facing complex or risky operations for the stability of your server, leave it to our specialists hands. They will have this operations done with efficiency, swiftness and of course, safely. Our compromise is to guarantee a trustworthy, high quality service.

Most popular services

Premium Assistance for Recovery and Migration

Website recovery

If you suffered a website attack or erased involuntarily the content of your site, we can look for a backup copy of it in our servers and restore it for you.

Email Recovery

Sometimens we erase important emails involuntarily, no problem, after a previous evaluation, we can search in our databases for this lost emails and restore them.

Web Migration

Do you have your website hosted on another company's server or hosting? Don't worry, We can migrate your website to our platform so it keeps working exactly the same way.

Email Migration

We also take your actual email adresses to our platform. Call us and we'll chack everything in order to do the change.

Other Assistance Services

From an email set up to server migration

Server and Backup server configuration

We Configure your server and leave it completely functional and ready for the tasks you need to do. If you bought a backup server for security, we set up the timing for the backup copies for you.


If you need to set you email in any software like, for example, Outlook or Thunderbird, and you don't have enough time to do it, We'll do it for you!


If you're currently working with another company's server but you want to unite every service in an only provider, we can move your data to our platform so you dont have to worry about anything.

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