Domain, email and web space

Includes one year’s maintenance

3 email addresses, website, unlimited forwarding and DNS management: the Domain Pack includes all basic services.

Our domains gives you more

With 7-day telephone assistance. Test the quality of our services.

3 emails with 2 GB

Personal email aliases for your domain so you can communicate professionally with your own brand.

Web space and unlimited forwarding.

Build an html site or forward the domain or sub-domain to another platform at no extra cost.

Control panel and DNS management

Easy-to-use management area, with all the account functions and service settings, including DNS management.

Courtesy website

Customisable graphic image for publishing initial information about your activity and contact information. Build your own two-page mini-site in just minutes.

Learn about all its features.

Each domain comes with all the basic services you need.
Publish the first two pages of your website and send emails with your domain name.

DNS Management
Courtesy website
Web space
Unlimited (HTML only)
Monthly traffic
FTP Users
File Manager (Web)
Email accounts
3 da 2GB
WebMail OX
Forwarding configuration
Catch-all configuration
Automatic response WebMail

The price does not include VAT and may vary according to the extension chosen and promotions valid at any time.

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