Renew your domains

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Renew your domain to keep your email and other related services active.

How to renew your domain


Avoid wasting time and the risk of forgetting to renew your domain. Contact us and we will help you renew your domain name.


Log into your Control Panel and visit the Renewal Section to renew your domain before the expiration date.


Call 93 288 40 62 and one of our operators will guide you through the renewal process. The service is available from monday to saturday 9am - 7pm. Sunday & bank holidays 10am - 6pm.

by appointment

Complete the form and tell us when you would like us to contact you. An operator will guide you through the renewal process.

Why renew your domain?

All your current services will stay active: email, website, web space...

Service continuity

Continue to enjoy all the services associated with your domain: your email addresses, website and much more. If you do not renew the domain, these services will no longer function.


If you allow your domain to expire, it may fall into the wrong hands and damage your name and brand image. Renew your domain and keep control of your online identity.

Support for your business

Your online presence is an opportunity to present your business to new customers. If you would like advice on how to get the maximum benefit from your domain, don't hesitate to contact us.

When should I renew my domain

The expiration date of your domain is shown in your control panel


-30 days

First expiration warning email.

-15 days

Second notice. Take your time to renew.

-5 days

Your domain has almost expired! Renew without risks.

5 days after expiration

You can still renew your domain at no extra cost

More than 5 days after expiration

The process to finally cancel your domain begins.

Permanent cancellation

After this time, you will lose your domain permanently.

Your questions, our answers

  • How do I pay?

    You can pay for the renewal by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or online deposit. In some cases, payment by bank transfer may not be available. For more information on payment, see this page .

  • If I renew before the expiration date, am I shortening the duration of the domain?

    No, advance renewal will not affect the expiration date of your domain. Even if you renew your domain before the expiration date, the duration of the service will not change. For example, if your domain expires on 12/31/2016 and you renew it on 12/20/2016, the expiration date will be 12/31/2017.

  • I have renewed my domain. When will I receive my invoice?

    Invoices are issued automatically at the end of the renewal process and are sent by email within 30 days of receipt of payment (in case of real time payments) or when the renewal order is received (in case of bank transfers). Check that the email address you provided for billing purposes during registration with Nominalia is still active. A list of your invoices is permanently available in your control panel under “Account management and invoices” > “List of invoices, from the month after the purchase.

  • I have unintentionally allowed my domain to expire? What should I do now?

    Log into your control panel and visit Renewals: if your domain is still in the list of renewable or recoverable services at a higher price, you can pay to renew it in real time (credit card or PayPal). If the domain is not listed in the renewals section, the cancellation phase has started and you will be able to buy it again if you are the first to register once it becomes available again.

  • I have not received any messages warning that my domain is expiring. Why?

    You have probably indicated that you do not want to receive notification emails in your email management programme, marked them as spam or entered an email that you do not check or which is no longer active. We recommend that you agree to receive emails notifying you that your domain is about to expire. If you opt not to receive these messages, you will not be notified when your domain is about to expire or any other messages about other services managed from the control panel.

  • I have just renewed my domain. Why has the date that in the whois not been updated?

    If you have renewed your domain, the correct expiration date is the one that appears in your control panel.

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