Electrical power supply systems

Main electrical panel

The main electrical panel uses two separate input lines (line A and line B) . All units are duplicated to ensure that each server has two completely independent power supplies for redundancy.

High voltage transformers and generators

Two independent transformers for two lines. The bridge crane supports the bus duct that conveys electricity from the transformers/generators on return to the building, deemed a more effective solution than copper cables.

Diesel generators

Multiple SDMO 1.1 MVA generators are available for emergency backup supply, tested monthly and configured as N+1. This means that in the improbable event of a problem with the mains power supply, the fault can be sustained by a generator without the loss of support to the entire load of the data center.

UPS unit

Both line A and line B are connected to two separate UPS batteries. These devices are designed to filter any transient disturbances on the load of the electrical mains, to guarantee continuity while awaiting start-up of the generators. 400kVA UPS units filter and clean the electricity to guarantee stable and reliable power supply to the servers.

Fire fighting system

Alarm system

The entire data center is equipped with numerous acoustic and luminous fire signalling devices to notify personnel and guests of the need for evacuation, guaranteeing maximum personal safety.


The fire detection and control system, can also be activated manually when necessary. This enables intervention at any time to release extinguishing gas in the areas affected by the problem.

Release of extinguishing gas

Total of 85 extinguishers, each containing 80 litres of extinguishing gas at a pressure of 300 bar. On activation, the extinguishers reduce the level of oxygen into the room to ensure no fire can spread.

Network infrastructure

Main specifications

  • Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs)

  • Private networking

  • Separate and redundant connectivity

  • 10Gbps uplinks rack

  • High bandwidth network

  • Network Monitoring 24/7/365

  • Peering LINX & LONAP

  • Carriers Tier 1

  • 80Gbps uncongested core network

  • IPv6 e gigabit ethernet

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