Why choose Nominalia as a trusted partner

Nominalia is one of the most veteran domain and hosting providers in the sector.
We already have 25 years of experience in the Internet services sector, which makes us one of the most solid and reliable technology providers in the country, with a strong focus on the needs of our clients.
Indeed, we provide solutions for all types of online projects for companies and individuals, even making tailored proposals for our clients.

As a provider of web hosting , at Nominalia we offer a wide variety of hosting plans of all sizes and prices , both on Linux and Windows platforms.
Nominalia's Hosting plans are the most complete on the market and their price is considerably lower than many of its competitors.

Here we explain why Nominalia is a trusted provider for your online presence and why you should use Nominalia's hosting for your projects.

All kinds of solutions for your project on the Internet

Nominalia has everything you need to create a website, host it and maintain it on a fast, powerful and secure platform.
On our website you will also find other complementary products and services:
SSL certificates to have a secure web, legal texts for your website or e-commerce , the SEO app rankingCoach , etc.

Why hire different services in several companies when at Nominalia you have it all?

Domain registration

The first step to having a website is to register your domain. Nominalia offers more than 700 different domain extensions, even the most exotic ones that require special requirements. If you are interested in registering a domain that requires a local presence, for example, contact Nominalia for a solution ad hoc.

Web Hosting

Choose a web hosting plan to create and host your site with endless resources. Nominalia's Linux Hosting plans already include a free domain and, in addition, they are multi-domain web spaces, which means that you can have several webs in a single space.

Hosting for WordPress

If you are clear that you want a WordPress website, you can directly choose the WordPress Hosting plan, which includes a free domain and is specially optimized for WordPress sites.

Servicios de Diseño web

Lo que aún poca gente sabe es que Nominalia también diseña webs y tiendas online para sus clientes. En efecto, hace unos años, Nominalia puso en pie un departamento de Diseño Web destinado únicamente a crear webs para sus clientes que prefieren dejar el diseño de sus páginas web en manos de profesionales.

Servidores dedicados,
virtuales o cloud

Para los usuarios que buscan disponer de un entero servidor para sus proyectos, Nominalia ofrece tres gamas de servidores: la gama de Servidores Dedicados cuenta con servidores Dell y componentes de las mejores marcas. Por otro lado, las ventajas de las gamas de Servidores Virtuales y Cloud, reside en su escalabilidad y precio súper competitivo.

Creadores de sitios web
y tienda online

Nominalia comercializa el creador web Simply Site, un editor web online muy completo y fácil de utilizar, ya que la construcción de la web se hace eligiendo una plantilla de partida. Si tu intención es crear una tienda online y lanzarte al e-commerce, Nominalia te propone Simply Shop, un creador de tiendas online de última generación que permite diseñar una web de e-commerce sin tener conocimientos técnicos.

Having all the services you need centralized in a single provider like Nominalia means a huge saving of time and money.

Why go to different providers if with Nominalia you have it all?