manages the Online Brand Protection services for Nominalia and the

Your brand is our business

We manage every aspect of your online presence: from domain registration to online brand protection

Domain Portfolio Management

Let us manage your domain portfolio. A dedicated Account Manager will be responsible for all the bureaucratic aspects.

Domain blocking

Avoid third parties registering and cybersquatting your brand domains. Our blocking services exclude your non-registered domains from the market.

Domain Recovery

If your domain name is registered by someone else and you have a registered trademark or own the rights to the brand name, we can attempt to recover it for you.

Monitoring and surveillance

Our monitoring and surveillance solutions detect fraudulent usages of your brand in domain names, social media, appstores and online ads, as well as counterfeits on marketplaces like Aliexpress, Amazon or MercadoLibre.

SSL certificate management

We offer a comprehensive consulting and continuous advice to improve your organisation's TLS/SSL certificate arquitecture. We manage, implement and renew your digital certificates.

Trademark Registration

We trademark your brand to protect its value. We help you obtaining exclusive rights to use your brand locally, in the European Union or in any country around the world. We advice you according to your business strategy, now and in the future.

Online Brand Protection Consulting

We analyse your brand's current risks and help you defining the best protection strategy, aligned to your business goals.

Brand Audit

Where and how is your brand being used?
We analyse its online presence and monitor threats and opportunities.

Domain appraisal

Know your digital assets value
We analyse your domain portfolio to calculate its objective market value.

These top companies have chosen us to manage their domains

We are dedicated to offering them the highest level of service on the market.

Why choose Ubilibet?

Your online presence has strategic value for your business: we are experts in managing brands.


We operate in seven countries worldwide with more than 540,000 customers throughout Europe. We manage 1.8 million domains registered in every possible extension.


Solid and secure platform products, constant monitoring and rapid intervention make Ubilibet the right company to manage your brand online.


Our direct relationship with our customers is one of our strengths. Contact us by phone or email, you can contact us anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a large domain portfolio, is the Online Brand Protection right for me?

    Yes. Our Online Brand Protection service is dedicated to customers who have a large number of domains registered for their company and want to entrust their domain portfolio to a team of experts, to avoid dealing with renewals and configurations.

  • I lost a domain, is there a way to get it back?

    There are three ways to recover your domain. You can attempt to recover the domain through our Recovery Through Purchase Service. A domain specialist will negotiate the best price possible with the current owner. We also offer an Administrative Recovery Service and a Legal Recovery Service, which are managed by a lawyer specialized domain recovery.

  • Is it possibile to know which my brand is being used in?

    Yes. We offer two different services to check how your brand is being used around the world. The Domain Name Audit Service checks the availability of your brand all global extensions. The Web Monitoring Service checks which domains could be at risk and damage your brand's image.

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