Payment methods at Nominalia

Security is always guaranteed


The choice of this payment system allows us to streamline the contracting process.

Nominalia is aware of the importance of the security of data transmissions over the Internet. For this reason our payment server is processed through the Italian company Mercury Payment Services, Viale Giulio Richard, 7, 20143 Milan, Italy ( All the information you indicate during the payment process, including your credit card information, will reach our encrypted server.


Many concerns raised due to purchases made through the Internet, such as the theft of personal and financial info, have been overcome by the PayPal safe Internet payment system.

With PayPal, it is not necessary to provide confidential information relevant to credit cards or bank accounts while performing purchases through the Internet, as the PayPal system does not share financial information while being used to pay a product or a service on the Net.

PayPal counts more than 150 million users around the World, accepts payments in 18 different currencies and, in Spain alone, counts over 1.5 million users.

If you wish to activate a PayPal payment account, please visit


If you wish to make your payment by check or bank transfer, you should address your payment to Nominalia Internet, S.L account :

Banco Santander Central Hispano
IBAN : ES53-0049-2954-14-2614070005

The order number and type of service must be specified along with payment and proof of payment must be sent to Nominalia by fax (+34 93 310 23 60).


If you wish to use an online payment method, but you prefer not to use your credit card for each new order, online deposit is the right option for you.
With this flexible payment option you are free to decide the amount of credit you wish to purchase, and you have full control of your balance at all times by easily accessing your control panel.

Online deposit systems will also send you an alert directly at your email address when your credit is about to expire, so that you can recharge on time and always make sure you have enough credit to purchase new products.