Now your domain integrates free WordPress

Your Domain Pack now includes dynamic hosting with WordPress and cPanel

Our domains now include WordPress for free and forever, so you can build your website with the most popular CMS in the world.

Choose your domain and enjoy a complete and professional Internet presence with a domain, WordPress site and email accounts.
Everything is included!

Domain name

Register your domain in Nominalia. We have over 800 domain extensions to choose from, and they all include free WordPress, 3 email accounts, intuitive control panel and much more.

WordPress with AI

Your Domain Pack includes a 1 GB hosting with pre-installed WordPress so you can create your website with the most widely used CMS in the world. You will manage your hosting easily with cPanel. Create your website for free with amazing WordPress themes!

Email boxes

Each domain includes 3 email accounts @yourdomain so you can communicate with your clients and collaborators in a professional way (examples:, and

SSL certificate

The domain includes the free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate that will certify that your WordPress site is secure thanks to the HTTPS protocol. The confidentiality and security of sensitive data of your website will be encrypted and protected against threats.


In addition to being able to manage the DNS of your domain independently, we have included the DNSSEC protocol to protect you and your users from certain cyberattacks. DNSSEC is available on all major domain extensions.

Basic Website builder

If you don't want to create your site with WordPress, you can do it with the reduced version of the Simply Site editor that is also included for free in your domain. Creating your website with this editor is really easy! And if your website needs to grow further, you can expand your site with a Simply Site plan!


Maximum control and customization for your Domains

DNS management

Within your Nominalia control panel, you will find a DNS management area, where you can configure or change the DNS of your domain with total autonomy. In addition, you always have the “Restore DNS” option available in case something goes wrong. We have a solution for everything!

Domain blocking

Activate the security of your domain blocking it against modification of unwanted data and transfers. Within your control panel you will see the “Lock” option, that is, put a lock on your domain so that no one can operate with it without your consent.

Unlimited subdomains
and redirections

Your Domain includes unlimited subdomains so you can create additional pages of your website and have direct access to them (for example: or www.virtualtour/ You will also be able to create any redirects you want on these subdomains!

Gestión de contactos

Edita los datos de contacto de tu dominio cuando quieras y cómo quieras desde tu Zona Cliente.
Desde la parte de gestión del dominio de tu panel de control, podrás cambiar los datos de contacto del dominio con absoluta libertad y sin tener que solicitar Soporte a nuestro equipo.

Opción de renovación automática

Puedes elegir renovar tus productos de forma manual o automática. La opción de renovación automática te permite olvidarte de las fechas de expiración de tus servicios y la puedes activar y desactivar siempre que quieras hasta los 20 días antes de la expiración. En cualquier caso, recibirás siempre recordatorios de renovación para todos tus productos.

Soporte telefónico
todos los días del año

Nos encontrarás atendiéndote al teléfono 93 288 40 62 todos los días del año sin excepción. Además, de lunes a viernes, también nos puedes contactar mediante chat o mediante ticket de soporte.
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WordPress and cPanel
Domain names at Nominalia include WordPress. You have a 1 GB dynamic hosting that you can easily manage with cPanel. Register your domain now, activate WordPress on it and start building an amazing website!

Site Assistant AI
Each domain includes the AI Design Assistant, an exclusive tool enabling you to create a WordPress website in minutes using Artificial Intelligence, without the need for technical knowledge.

3 email boxes
Your domain includes 3 email boxes of 2 GB each with antivirus, antispam and a backup tool. Your email can be consulted via webmail or other email platforms.

SSL Certificate
At Nominalia, all domains include Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, which show that your WordPress site is secure thanks to the HTTPS protocol. The security of your data is guaranteed!

Web editor Simply Site Micro
If you don't want to create your site in WordPress, you can do it with the reduced version of the Simply Site editor that we also include for free in your domain. You will create your website with amazing ease!

Free DNS management
From your Client Zone you will be able to manage the DNS of your domain as you please, in full autonomy and without the need to contact the Support service.
Domain name
.com, .es, .net, .info, -org… More than 800 domain extensions!
Immediate activation
Autonomous DNS management
Contact management
Domain parking
Automatic renewal option
Dynamic hosting space
1 GB
Monthly traffic
5 GB
Web space management interface
SSL certificate
Let's Encrypt
1click installation
MySQL database
FTP users
Backup tool
Resource monitoring
PHP management (versions and extensions)
Management of security tools
Easy product upgrade
Email boxes
Email box space
2 GB
Antivirus and Antispam
WebMail OX
Backup tool
Website builder
Simply Site Micro
Easy product upgrade
Easy web hosting upgrade
Easy Simply Site Micro upgrade

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