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1 Email account PRO
of 2GB web space

3 Email accounts PRO
of 2 GB web space

5 Email accounts PRO
of 2GB web space

10 Email accounts PRO
of 2GB web space

1 Email account PRO
of 10GB web space

3 Email accounts PRO
of 10 GB web space

5 Email accounts PRO
of 10GB web space

10 Email accounts PRO
of 10GB web space

25 Email account PRO
of 2GB web space

25 Email accounts PRO
of 10 GB web space


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Why choose Email Pro?


With the Professional Solution you can go further with your inbox with the real-time synchronization on any mobile device. For example, you can write an email on your work computer, save it in drafts and then change it on your phone or tablet, even when you're offline.


Thanks to online Webmail/PIM (Personal Information Manager) in its advanced version you can work collaboratively on the activities with the other mail of your domain, have a shared calendar appointments and much more.

1000 SMTP outbound messages

The Professional solution also includes 1000 SMTP sendings per day (per email) to send mails in freedom from your favorite client or mobile.


Email Pro includes pre-activated Antivirus/Antispam to protect your email boxes, you and your work from security threats, acting on unwanted messages before they’re downloaded.

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Everything you need is already included

Associate your domain
Your email address contains your website’s domain name. It’s easy to memorize and it adds a touch of professionalism.

Up to 10 GB per email box
Storage ranges from 2 GB to 10 GB. You’ll no longer need to eliminate messages because of lack of space.

Includes a powerful system that identifies undesirable messages before opening them, for both incoming and outgoing email.

Read your mail from a PC, smartphone or tablet, updated in real time and compatible with Windows, iPhone, Android, Symbian and Blackberry.

Unlimited communication
Up to 1000 messages daily are included. They can be increased by purchasing additional packets of outbound email (SMTP authenticated) ranging in size from 1000 to 5000.

Advanced WebMail
With an intuitive and simple interface that’s accessible from any device, manage your email, appointments, contacts, agenda, Twitter and more.
Choose the Email Pro plan that meets your needs.

Much more than a simple WebMail

Filters and Blacklist
Gather your emails automatically in individual folders or create a blacklist of addresses that you no longer want to receive messages from.

Automatic replies
Set up a personal message that will be sent automatically to those who try to contact you in your absence and at times when you aren’t available.

On tablets and smartphones, too
You can set up your email on your favorite smartphone or tablet email program, and you can navigate WebMail from your browser, enhanced for mobile devices.

Activity management
Your email becomes your personal assistant. In addition to your inbox, keep track of all your projects and activities, and keep your data under control.

Calendar and appointments
Manage your engagements and deadlines with the calendar. Only with Email Pro can you receive reminders directly on your mobile phone.

Twitter, email and RSS feeds
In the "Portal" section, you can import the following RSS feeds, link your Twitter account, check your engagements and more.

Signature in HTML
Include your signature in emails: you can set it up with the advanced tool that pastes HTML code.

Google Maps
Enter the exact address in the contacts and the Google map and photo of the place will show up on the data sheet, thanks to Street View.

QR code
Each contact is represented by a QR code. You just need to pinpoint it. Sharing and importing contacts becomes even easier.

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