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How to choose the best SSL certificate

Choose between 3 different types of SSL certificate validations

Domain Validation

The ideal SSL certificate to protect a site in HTTPS, with support for installation and warranty in the event of compromise. SectigoSSL DV is a high quality certificate at an attractive price, used for simple verification that the applicant is the domain owner.

Ideal for:
blogs and small web sites

Organization Validation

available also for Wildcard & SAN

The SSL certificate is for e-commerce and businesses, ideal to guarantee safe transactions for all users. This type of certificate is released after a careful analysis of the applicant company in order to ensure reliability.

Ideal for:
eCommerceand companies

Extended Validation

available also in SAN

The SectigoSSL EV certificate, thanks to the green bar containing the name of the applicant company, supplies its visitors with the maximum guarantee on the identity of the site and reliability of the company. It is the certificate recommended for large e-commerce businesses and companies looking to assert their Brand Identity.

Ideal for:
Top eCommerce and High Brand Identity

Compare the SSL certificates

Choose the certificate that best suits your business

Certificate DV

Ideal for blogs and small web sites

Certificate OV

Ideal for eCommerce and companies

Certificate EV

Ideal for Top eCommerce shops and High Brand Identity


Ideal to protect your subdomains
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year+ IVA

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year + IVA

180,55 €
year + IVA

289,80 €
year + IVA

Features Certificate DV Certificate OV Certificate EV WILDCARD
Certificate Name SectigoSSL DV InstantSSL OV SectigoSSL EV InstantSSL Wildcard
Validation type Domain
HTTPS 1 domain 1 domain 1 domain Unlimited subdomains
Server licence Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Company certification
GDPR compliant
Additional Information Certificate DV Certificate OV Certificate EV WILDCARD
Encryption SHA-256 SHA-256 SHA-256 SHA-256
CA ROOT Sectigo Sectigo Sectigo Sectigo
Trust Logo
Estimated issuance time Right away 1-2 days 1-2 days 1-2 days

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How to recognize a site with an SSL certificate


A site without an SSL certificate is recognizable by the absence of the lock symbol on the left of the web address and does not guarantee a secure connection to those who visit it, especially regarding data transfers, user authentication, payments, user registration and more. In addition can jeopardize the credibility of your business, the abscense of an SSL can penalize the visibility of your site, as Google also gives greater value to webs who have an SSL.


A green lock on the left of the web address identifies a site where an SSL certificate is active and properly installed. This, in addition to uniquely validating the site that users are visiting, provides reliable and secure communications, encrypted with the https protocol between the visitor and the website. The data that is inserted in the contact forms, whatever they may be (personal data, access credentials, credit cards, ...) is encrypted and are not intercepted by anyone.

Highly secure

When the company name appears green between the lock and the web address, you are visiting an Extended Validation Certificate (SSL) site. This type of certificate is only issued following a verification process of the company required by the Certification Authority. This ratifies unequivocally that the site is owned by a solid and well founded structure. This gives visitors the maximum guarantee of site identity, the reliability of the company and its products and the security of the data transmitted through it.

How to activate an SSL

Acces the Control Panel

After you have purchased your certificate, access the Nominalia Control Panel with your credentials. You will find your SSL certificate in the "Products to activate" section. Follow the wizard to obtain the SSL certificate.


Once you have inserted the previously created CSR (encrypted text that contains information to be included in the Server), you must select the type of web server where you want to install the SSL certificate and confirm the email and administrative contact information. Depending on the validation of the certificate (validation of the domain or validation of the organization / company), you will receive a confirmation email or receive a telephone call to your contact number.

SSL Certificate installation

Once you have obtained the certificate, you are ready to install it on your server or in your hosting. You can check the server documentation or product management panel for more details on how to enable the https protocol and install the certificate.

Your questions, our answears

  • What is an SSL certificate?

    SSL is the acronym of "Secure Socket Layer", a security protocol created to encrypt the communications between the server of a web and the navigator of the person who enters that web to keep communications secure.

  • What is the difference between a DV, OV or EV certificate?

    Basically, certification authorities issue three types of certificates that differ in the way a company is verified by the certification Auhtority. A DV certificate (domain validation) is the easiest to obtain, since the issue time is quite short (1 day). This type of certificate will only "validate" the domain name; this means that you will only have the ability to manage, for example, DNS or e-mail domains to issue the certificate. Therefore, you will be sure that the exchange of information between your website and your browser will be encrypted, but clients we will not have the certainty of the domain owner as no verification will be done. Unlike the OV (Organization Validation) certificate, the verification of the applicant is carried out and the organization / company is validated. During the verification phase, the SSL will validate company data to verify its authenticity relatated to the domain you wish to certify. Finally, the EV (Extended Validation) certificate represents the highest level of validation, since the validation phase is very accurate. With this certificate it is possible to put the name of the company directly in the navigation bar (denominated green bar).

  • Why purchase an SSL certificate?

    An SSL certificate associated with a domain gives more credibility to the customers visiting a website or an online business . Visitors will also be assured that data exchanged between a site and the visitor will be encrypted and not intercepted. If a domain contains internal user registration forms, informational email forms, electronic payment forms, it is necessary to have an SSL certificate to protect the exchange of this confidential data. In addition, Google's search engine has stated openly that it will prioritize classified sites on the Internet through a secure HTTPS connection.

  • Which certificate should I choose?

    Choosing the right SSL certificate for your business depends mainly on the type of website you want to protect. If your website only has static pages or in any case registration forms or mail, the most common option is DV (domain validation) where organizational level controls are not performed and the certificate is almost immediate. However, if your website contains forms for sending credit card information, such as selling products online, the most appropriate option from the security point of view for the buyer is an OV (Organization Validation) certificate. Thanks to organizational level validation, your website will be perceived by the buyer as highly secure, increasing their willingness to buy. Finally, Extended Validation (EV) certification is recommended for those more structured organizations that need to show their brand in the navigation bar to give the buyer the absolute certainty of being in the store of that brand. Monetary investment is certainly more important than other types of SSL certificates, but the return to brand visibility and reliability is definitely greater.

  • Who can request an OV Certificate?

    An OV SSL certificate protects the verified name of your company, therefore if you are an individual or self-employed you must have your company registered to be able to request this type of certificate.

  • How long does it take to issue a certificate?

    The estimated issuance times are found in the certificate comparison table. However, in some cases, issue times may be delayed longer than expected due to general errors or failed security checks. In some cases, when checking the company's data to issue an OV, EV or Wildcard, the information does not correspond to what was entered in the certificate request. That is why it is very important to enter the exact data of the company as it appears in the databases used for this verification *. Another problem is usually related to the verification call by the Certifying Authority (Sectigo). When the verification call is made, it is important that the contact person is available to do the corresponding verification.
    * some databases used for verification: Informa:, Axesor:, Kompass:, Infobel:, eInforma:, Infocif:, https: // www., Google Business:

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