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  • 2 domains included
  • Email boxes included
  • SSL certificate
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unbeatable Technical Support
  • FREE DOMAIN 1 year free 1 year free 1 year free
    .ONLINE DOMAIN 1 year free 1 year free 1 year free
    WEB SPACE (SSD DISKS) 100 GB 200 GB Unlimited
    MONTHLY TRAFFIC Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    EMAIL BOXES 25 x 2 GB 100 x 5 GB Unlimited x 10 GB
    MYSQL DATABASE 10 x 2 GB 25 x 5 GB Unlimited x 10 GB
    SSL CERTIFICATE Let's Encrypt Let's Encrypt Let's Encrypt

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    Why choose Linux Hosting

    Fast, secure and flexible platform to realize all kinds of projects on the web.


    The most used control panel by Linux users to configure Hosting functions. You can upload files, install applications, create mailboxes and manage backups in no time. All this and much more!


    If you manage multiple websites, you can buy a single plane Hosting and use it for more than one domain, assigning the available database according to your needs. When your business grows, you can always move to a higher plan.

    SSD disk

    The SSD disk offers a better hosting performance, more power and a shorter access time compared to the traditional hard disks. SSD disks improve reading and writing latency and speed, so that the access time to the website and database decreases considerabily.


    The accelerator of HTTP requests to speed up the loading of dynamic website pages. Essential for those who want to offer better performance.

    SSL Certificate

    All Web Hosting plans include the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, that encrypts the data providing great protection to the site.


    The system that protects the data of your sites and manages the allocated system resources, ensuring maximum stability to your Hosting and avoiding slowdowns.

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    More details

    • Web Space

      For your site, storage space and bandwidth are unlimited, provided that use and management conform to our service orders and management methods.

    • Email

      To activate your inclusive email boxes you must own the domain names and hosting pack, both managed by Nominalia.

    • Monthly visitors

      This hosting plan has been optimized to provide the best performance for the recommended number of visitors.

    • Domain for free

      All Linux Hosting plans include a domain for free. After purchasing you will find the bonus available in your Control Panel.

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