Privacy policy

Informative statement regarding the processing of personal data

Protecting your privacy is one of our main goals..

1.- The personal data collected during the process of subscribing to the services proposed by Nominalia Internet, S.L. (hereinafter, "Nominalia") will be stored in Nominalia’s own electronic databases. Nominalia’s offices are located in Barcelona, Josep Pla 2, Torres Diagonal Litoral, Building B3, Floor 3D, 08019 (Spain), and Nominalia’s CEO will be responsible for controlling and processing said data. The Customer hereby authorises Nominalia to use and computerise the data provided. Such data is necessary for establishing, supplying and invoicing the service.

Storage of data and security measures:

The data will be stored for the time defined by applicable laws and regulations on the servers of Inet S.p.A. server farm in Settimo Milanese (MI), via Darwin 17, which is accordingly designated the external data processor. In any event, your data will be stored strictly for the amount of time necessary to realize the aims illustrated hereinabove, which shall be for as long as the service relationship between you and the data controller. for the amount of time necessary to realize the aims illustrated hereinabove, which shall be for as long as the service relationship between you and the data controller.

We also inform you that these data will be collected, processed, and kept in full compliance with the provisions of Articles 31 et seq. of the Privacy Code and the Technical Regulations - Annex B of the Code, regarding security measures.

The data will also be processed in full compliance with the personal data processing self-governance rules set out in the applicable professional codes of conduct.

2.- Nominalia shall use your personal data in compliance with the privacy protection principles set forth in Law 15/1999, of 13 December, for protecting data of a personal nature (PPDL) and other regulations such as Decreto Real 1720/2007, via which the rules are laid down regarding safety measures for automated files containing personal data. This informative statement applies to personal data provided by the user during registration, as well as data generated during visits to and browsing on our website. Said data may also be stored in files or databases.

3.- More specifically, the processing of personal data serves the following purposes:
a) supply of the services offered;
b) communication of information and/or of notices relating to the service;
c) participation in competitions with prizes that could be related to the service;
d) compliance with all accounting and tax requirements;
e) tracking of any alleged offenders when specifically and exclusively required by law or ordered by the authorities.

4.- If the user has given full consent by ticking the Acceptance box, this also implies acceptance of the following (optional):

f) communication of any information and/or offer of services that Nominalia and/or its affiliates and/or subsidiaries, also including their business partners and subcontractors, consider to be of interest for the user, as long as said use does not imply the transmission of personal data to third parties; Nominalia agrees that under no circumstances it shall transmit data of its customers to third parties;
g) quality control of the services offered, including after-sales services;
h) communication of notices and advertising information regarding its products and initiatives, as well as those of third parties;
i) performance of market and statistics surveys and identification of product preferences, including statistic data of the audience / the users (such as age, sex, and /or areas of interest).
5.- For some TLDs, Nominalia will register the domain with the competent Registration Authority via third party registration agents. In these cases, where Nominalia has the role of Holder of the Processing, the Customer authorises Nominalia to subcontract the described services and provide the Customer’s personal data for the management, registration or transfer of domains. The subcontracting party shall comply with the provisions set forth in Decreto Real 1720/2007, and specifically in article 21 thereof.

6.- As indicated in the registration process, the personal data will be divided into two categories: mandatory and optional.
7.- The provision and processing of mandatory data for the aforementioned purposes is requested only to provide the services indicated above. Any refusal by the user to provide said data or to give consent to their processing will prevent the user from accessing the service offered by Nominalia. Any additional data collected is necessary for helping Nominalia to constantly improve its services. The Customer is free to provide or refuse to provide such data8.- In order to render the services and especially in order to accomplish the objectives listed above under f), h) and i), NOMINALIA has implemented and in use the application Google Analytics in its following three functionalities: Tracking code to support Display Advertising, Google Display Network Impression Reporting or the DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration, and Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting.
in general, NOMINALIA follows Google’s instructions about Display Advertising and the application Google Analytics, available at

9.- Moreover, by using the control panel and personal login and password, users will always have direct access to their personal data held by Nominalia. This allows users to modify or delete their personal data at any time and without intermediaries, in an independent manner and at their own risk. In addition, this same interface can be used to unsubscribe to the periodic information emails not related to the service, that is, information which is not necessary for the supply of the requested services.
10.- For this purpose, the Customer must access the "Your account" section on the Control Panel and then, enter the “Information and consent” section. At the bottom of the “Information and consent” page the Customer can either give or withhold extended consent to the processing of personal data necessary for receiving advertising information provided by Nominalia and for participating in special offers, competitions and other promotional events. Also and if the Customer wishes so, the Customer may at his sole discretion (1) disable or disconnect Google Analytics Tracking code to support Display Advertising; in general, the Customer may at his sole discretion and at all times (2) access to all existing tools to disable or disconnect Google Analytics, all this via

11.- Customers may access their data at all times and exercise their rights as specified in Article 15 of Law 15/1999. Moreover, Customers may exercise the right of rectification, opposition and cancellation in compliance with Article 16 of Law 15/1999, by following the legal procedure set forth in Article 17 of said Law, and by sending a written notice to Nominalia at the following address:

Carrer d'Ulldecona, nº 21, 1ª Planta, 08038 Barcelona Spain