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Advantages of registering a .pro for your website

Professionalism and credibility

Using a .pro domain conveys a more professional and trustworthy image compared to more generic domains. Having a .pro domain can reinforce your clients' perception of your experience and knowledge in a professional sector and mentally position you as a reference in your field.


In a crowded online space, having a specific domain can help differentiate your online presence. A .pro domain clearly indicates that you are a professional in your sector, which is undoubtedly beneficial in terms of marketing and branding and public perception of your brand and helps you attract customers.

Greater Domain Availability

Since the .pro domain extension years ago was restricted to professionals who had to certify it, there is much more .pro domain availability. Now the .pro domain no longer has requirements and it is very likely that you can register the domain you want with the .pro extension, something that does not happen with the most common extensions.

The .pro domain in Nominalia has everything included

WordPress and cPanel
Domain names at Nominalia include WordPress. You have a 1 GB dynamic hosting that you can easily manage with cPanel. Register your domain now, activate WordPress on it and start building an amazing website!

Site Assistant AI
Each domain includes the AI Design Assistant, an exclusive tool enabling you to create a WordPress website in minutes using Artificial Intelligence, without the need for technical knowledge.

3 email boxes
Your domain includes 3 email boxes of 2 GB each with antivirus, antispam and a backup tool. Your email can be consulted via webmail or other email platforms.

SSL Certificate
At Nominalia, all domains include Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, which show that your WordPress site is secure thanks to the HTTPS protocol. The security of your data is guaranteed!

Web editor Simply Site Micro
If you don't want to create your site in WordPress, you can do it with the reduced version of the Simply Site editor that we also include for free in your domain. You will create your website with amazing ease!

Free DNS management
From your Client Zone you will be able to manage the DNS of your domain as you please, in full autonomy and without the need to contact the Support service.
Register now your domain .pro.

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