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Why choose a .info domain?

It's intuitive

The Internet is about information, so an "info" address is needed for people to find the information they may be seeking.

It's International

Research indicates that people are attracted to domain names they can readily understand (and remember.

It's unrestricted

.info addresses are not limited to businesses or professionals or any other smaller set of Internet sites - it is open to all sites!

Register your .infodomain.

Everything you need is already included

Email addresses & PEC
Get 3 email accounts with antivirus/antispam and a PEC email for one year through webmail or client.

Web space
Use web space with unlimited traffic and 3GB per month, 1 FTP account and access statistics.

24h Support
Chat, call, write! We're here 24-7 to help you as quickly as possible.

Home page
Publish the first two pages of your website immediately with your business and contact information.

Unlimited sub-domains
Perfect for blogs, online stores and mobile versions of your domain name: create all the sub-domains you need.

DNS Management
You can configure your domain's name server on our simple control panel that allows you to manage DNS Records.
Register your .info domain.

Registration rules

  • How to register .info premium names with less than 3 characters

    To register .info premium names with less than 3 characters, please contact the Online Brand Protection team.

  • Who can register a .info domain?

    No requirements

  • Companies or individuals?

    Domain .info can be registered both by companies and individuals

  • Number of characters?

    Number of characters: 3 - 63

  • Accepted characters?

    Accepted characters: digits (0-9), letters (a-z) and hyphen (-). The hyphen cannot appear as the first or the last character of the domain name and two hyphens in a row (--) in the third and fourth position cannot be accepted.

  • .info is a marketing tool

    .info: path to information on the Internet
    Do you have a new idea to bring to the Net? Are you looking for a domain name that's brief, easy to remember and particularly useful?

    .INFO is the first truly global domain.
    Intuitive, easy to use, and universally recognized, .INFO is your opportunity to reach a worldwide audience with information about you, your ideas, or your business.

  • Trademark owners?

    Discover the Online Brand Protection services dedicated to the trademark owners, such as the Trademark Clearinghouse - TMCH (the only global database of registered brands authorized by ICANN), or the Domains Protected Marks List - DPML (block of the registrations of similar/equivalent domains of your brand in over than 200 of the new extensions).

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