How to transfer a domain from Cdmon

Transfer your domain to Nominalia: same domain, more services

Transferring a domain name from Cdmon to Nominalia will only coste you 4,90€*!

Everything you need is included in the price: domain registration, 3 emails of 2GB, unlimited web space, DNS management and much more.

To transfer a .ES domain you need to:

To transfer a .ES domain you need to:

  • verify the "state" of the domain (The state must be active).

  • Verify that the email of the owner is available and running.

  • In the case of .ES, it is not necessary to request the "Auth Code". The ESNIC will send an email to the owner for you to give your confirmation on the transfer of the domain.

  • Once the transfer is accepted within the confirmation e-mail, we proceed to transfer the domain within 24/48 hours.

How to recover the l'Auth-Code

If you do not know the Auth Code you can get it through the following steps:

  1. Access the client area of CDmon with your credentials.

  2. Within the area "Domain Management", you will see a category called "Auth Code".

  3. You must click on the eye-shaped icon to verify the Auth Code.

  4. The Auth Code will appear as a text.

  5. Copy the code and you can start to use it to transfer your domain to Nominalia.

Need help with the transfer of your domain? Call us at 93 288 40 62, our operators are available from Monday to saturday 9am and 7pm and Sunday & bank holidays 10am - 6pm.