Our technology partners

We work only with the biggest technological players in the world. Our common goal is to implement constantly updated and quality products.


We are certified partner of the most important web company. We work to better organize visibility, online advertising, web marketing.


Among the largest producers of hardware, Dell is working with us to ensure the best platform for virtualization services on our Dedicated Servers.


We chose Cisco, computer giant among the best on the market, to work together and propose the best servers: fast, reliable, efficient.


Our partner since the beginning, Microsoft has always provided us reliable hosting solutions, with the best hardware and software technologies to get the most from our products.

Open X-Change

We have chosen the global leader in the development of webmail, multi-device management of email and collaborative work systems, fully integrated with our platform.


One of the most important companies of software development and control panel for servers and hosting.


Our most important partner for Linux Hosting solutions. Efficient at a high-performance level, feature-rich, innovative. It is integrated with our Hosting.


Our systems are based on Cloudmark antispam software, chosen by global carriers and ISPs to protect more than one billion users worldwide from spam, viruses and phishing.


Thanks to our agreement with Symantec, we provide SSL certificates to ensure data protection and privacy.


Thawte is the company of the Symantec group we have chosen for our SSL certificates: we work together to provide efficient SSL certificates.


Our main partner for storage management of our virtual servers and our Cloud VPS.


One of our partners to better manage our hosting solutions and ensure versatility and safety.


Leaders in the world, is our main collaborator for Server Backup, allowing us to optimize the performance of our servers.


Our most important partner for online applications for the creation, management and administration of websites and blogs.


Our main partner for email marketing services and communications via SMS


PayPal is one of the leading payment systems offered by Nominalia and other brands of Register Group.