manages the Online Brand Protection services for Nominalia and the

Control your brand in new and existing domain names to protect them from:


Third parties register domain names that contain a similar or identical match to your brand to carry out phishing and scamming attacks, or to profit from selling them.


Cybercriminals use your brand to deceive users, that are missled to fraudulent domains where sensitive data is illegitimetly gathered.


Third parties use your brand's reputation to sell counterfeits, imitations or pirated products online, using fraudulent domain names.

How we help you

We monitor new and existing domain names, identical or similar to your brand, to detect impersonation and illicit trademark usages.


We adapt our monitoring solution to your needs and resources

Monitoring and reporting

You will get a report displaying all results our solutions has detected in the inbox of your choice.

Professional analysis

Our legal team analyses all the monitoring results, detecting those cases that require special attention.

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Brand exact match monitoring

Monitoring of domain names similar to your brand

Automated generation of potential brand variants using a proprietary software

All generic domain names (gTLDs) monitoring

Main country code domain names (ccTLDs) monitoring

Domain names locatisation

Domain zone files scan and domain name traffic system stats

Daily alert system

Weekly alert systems

Access to results history

Downloable initial report with all registered domain names

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