Why choose a .de?

It's essential for Germany

The .de extension is Germany's official top-level domain (ccTLD). Registering a .de domain is essential for anyone who has a business relationship with Germany, resides there, or wants to protect their trademark there.

With web editor and mail

Registering a .de domain is a package of services that, in addition to the domain, includes a publisher to create a web page, 3 email accounts, unlimited space for HTML pages, DNS management and many more services.

Best choice

If you want to operate in Germany or protect your brand there, the .de domain is a sensational marketing tool to enhance your website.

Get now your domain .de.

Your Pack Domain .DE includes:

WordPress and cPanel
Domain names at Nominalia include WordPress. You have a 1 GB dynamic hosting that you can easily manage with cPanel. Register your domain now, activate WordPress on it and start building an amazing website!

Safe and secure domain
In addition to being able to manage your domains DNS on your own, we have included the DNSSEC protocol to protect you and your users from certain cyberattacks. DNSSEC is available on the most of domain extensions.

3 email boxes
Your domain includes 3 email boxes of 2 GB each with antivirus, antispam and a backup tool. Your email can be consulted via webmail or other email platforms.

SSL Certificate
At Nominalia, all domains include Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, which show that your WordPress site is secure thanks to the HTTPS protocol. The security of your data is guaranteed!

Web editor Simply Site Micro
If you don't want to create your site in WordPress, you can do it with the reduced version of the Simply Site editor that we also include for free in your domain. You will create your website with amazing ease!

Free DNS management
From your Client Zone you will be able to manage the DNS of your domain as you please, in full autonomy and without the need to contact the Support service.

Registra ahora tu dominio .de.

Registration rules for .de:

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