Preset rules

Choose one of the predefined rules and start using it in just few clicks.

Combined rules

Create your own combinations of triggers and actions by creating custom rules for your business needs.

Customized rules

Customizing is simple, and once created, the rule can be used as often as you want.

Time Trigger

Show a targeted message based on users' time of visit.

Place Trigger

Show a targeted message based on the geographic origin of the users of your website.

Device Trigger

Show a targeted message based on the device that users use to access your website.

Visits Trigger

Create customized messages, diversifying them among those addressed to users who visit your site for the first time and those for habitual users.

URL Trigger

Create custom pages to target users who come from different marketing campaigns.

Add content

Show a section, a coupon, a message when a certain rule occurs.

Add JavaScript

Use a JavaScript function when a certain rule occurs on your website.

Notification bar

Show a message in the notification bar when a certain rule occurs.

Hiding lines

Each page of Simply Site consists of lines, choose which and when to display them.

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