SSL certificates

Security, confidentiality and peace of mind for your business

Consumers are increasingly aware of the security risks involved in buying and selling on the Internet and seek trusted websites that provide a secure environment.

Select the appropriate SSL certificate:
Nominalia offers a full range of key market certificates, including EV-type (certificates Extended Validation). The Nominalia Commercial team will also be available for support, offering advice on the type of Certificate that best suits your business, along with the Technical team, ready to help with certificate validation.

PLEASE NOTE: SSL certificates are required to have a unique IP address, that means that you can not purchase an SSL certificate if you have a shared web hosting.

See detailed information about SSL certificates supplied by Nominalia:

Nominalia SSl Certificates
  Secure Site Pro con EV Secure Site con EV Secure Site Pro Secure Site
Brand Symantec Symantec Symantec Symantec
Trust level
Green address bar Yes Yes No No
Extended validation Yes Yes No No
Full organization validation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Registered business only Yes Yes No No
Secure Seal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Security level
Encryption level (bits) 128 - 256 40 - 256 128 - 256 40 - 256
Subdomains 1 1 1 1
Customer Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price for 1 year Registration/Renewal 864,00 € 599,00 € 576,00 € 249,00 €
Price for 2 years Registration/Renewal 1512,00 € 1048,25 € 1008,00 € 435,75 €

The Register Group is a Symantec Platinum Partner, allowing us to better serve our customers at a global level.

Call us on 93 552 1331 and our experts will advise and help you in finding out the best license for your business.

Why are digital certificates so important?

  • Identification and authentication: A digital certificate helps you clarify your identity to your visitors, particularly if you collect sensitive data such as credit cards, confidential information through online transactions.
  • Confidentiality: The information transferred through your website is encrypted when a digital certificate is applied. This ensures confidentiality for the end user.
  • Fraud protection: Protect yourself and your customers from possible threats of online fraud and information hijacking also known as phishing.

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