Discover the Professional email features

Why among many emails you should choose just this one?

  • Synchronized on every device

    Always synchronized (with the ActiveSync protocol) both on Outlook and Mobile . For example, you can write an e-mail on your work computer, save it in "draft" and edit it by phone or tablet, even when you're offline.

    Synchronized on every device
  • Email with all you need

    The Professional email is protected with Antivirus/Antispam and includes 1000 submissions from SMTP client (Outlook, Thunderbird ...) a day.

    Email with all you need
  • Advanced Webmail/PIM

    Start using your email Professional also by Webmail, you will discover many advantages : creating events, advanced management of contacts, sharing module ...

    cAdvanced Webmail/PIM
  • Compatible with your old email

    If during the trial period of the Professional email you like it why don't you transform your existing email in a Professional one?

    Compatible with your old email
  • PIM/Webmail

    Discover the benefits of using your email inside the browser: easy to use without configuring anything.
    try the advanced version of the Webmail to create appointments, tasks, contacts folder and to share them with your employees.

  • Mail Client

    Mail always up to date, always synchronized in every device. Thanks to the ActiveSync of Outlook to synchronize all your email. You will able to manage your inbox just like Microsoft Exchange.

  • Easy to use
    • Create appointments on the calendar or events, then invite users with a compatible service (for example gmail ...)
    • Manage tasks and projects, organize your contacts into folders shared with other mail address of your domain.
    • Manage mail filters, active autoresponder when you are away, create your own black list...
  • Always Synchronized
    • Your email will be synchronized in real time on the Mail Client even on Mobile through the ActiveSync protocol.
    • Send up to 1,000 emails a day from mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird ...) with additional included SMTP sendings
    • Manage professionally your mail just like Microsoft Exchange
  • ActiveSync Protocol
    Synchronization on PC and Mobile
    Advanced Webmail
    Professional performance
    1000 SMTP submissions
    Email all-round

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If you are not yet convinced

Many sites provide "free products" for a month:
it means you pay that product for 11 months instead of 12.
Register gives you the product FOR FREE for a month
without limitations of use, without any constraints.
After 30 days you will be free to buy it or not.
And we will be friends as before!

How does the free trial works?

You can activate the trial email only on a your domain maintained on
The trial starts when the product is activated.
If you like Professional email, do not have to do anything:
your 30-day trial will be converted into annual paid
unless you turn off auto-renewal.
You can change these settings easily online, at any time,
even during the free trial, from your control panel.

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  • Outlook synchronization in real time on every devices
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starting from 4 ,10 monthly + IVA

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    Do you want to customize your email? Go to the Configurator and add Antivirus / Antispam, Additional SMTP sendings and much more. Create a product tailored to your needs, especially at the price you want!

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