• Safety and reliability
  • Release in a short time
  • Sensitive data protection
  • More secure transactions
  • Issued by Thawte
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Are you looking for other SSL Certificates?Check it out the previous SSL offer or call 93 288 4062.
*Offer valid for SSL 123 end users for € 39.20 (20% Discount) until 2/10/2017 and valid only for the first year of service (1 year). Old price 49 €. For resellers will be applied 20% Dto on the price of your rate.

Why choose our SSL certificates?

The quality of our certificates

Certificates purchased from Nominalia are issued by Thawte, whose experience and professionalism ensure the best results.If you have an ecommerce website and need to manage confidential and sensitive data such as credit card numbers or personal data, trusting one of the best and most well-known Certificate Authorities is of uttermost importance: precise information stated on the digital certificate about your Website can stand as proof to your identity and give assurance that exchanges of information and data between browser and website are safe and secure through identification, protection and privacy.

How do certificates work?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer ) is the protocol used to establish a communication between a server and a client.
Such communications are secure because transmitted data is encrypted and can only be decrypted at the time of connection and only by those involved in the connection that have received or generated the session key to allow decryption.

How to recognize an SSL certificate

A Web site where an SSL certificate has been installed is instantly recognizable by the prefix https:// of the address, by the presence of the padlock image and, in the case of EV certificates only, the green color of the URL bar.
Thanks to these features your visitors will be informed immediately that your site is verified and that communication with their browser is secure and confidential: confidence in your company will thus be established.

What do I need to obtain and activate the certificate?

The procedure to obtain and activate an SSL certificate for your site is completely automated and managed online, is easy and takes a very short time. After your purchase you will get access to the Control Panel where you will be able to provide your details; once your certificate is issued you will be able to install it or download and install it on your VPS or other dedicated server, in complete autonomy. To activate the certificate, as well as product compatibility, you need a dedicated IP address and access with administrator rights to the server where the CSR file will be generated.