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Registration rules for .biz domain:

  • No requirements
  • Can be registered both by companies and individuals
  • Dedicated mainly to commercial activities
  • Number of characters: maximum 63 extension excluded

Why choose a .biz domain?

.BIZ - Get down to business!

Do you want to make your trade activity easily recognisable and strengthen your online image? Start doing business online with .BIZ!
As the name suggests (BIZ is the abbreviation for business), .BIZ is the first top level domain entirely dedicated to the trade world. An extension that allows worldwide companies to strengthen their Internet presence and build a professional image.

.BIZ is the first and only Internet domain designed to meet the needs of high-performance businesses of all sizes everywhere in the world.
.BIZ is flexible, scalable, and secure, offering all the robust technologies that firms demand in today's competitive corporate environment.
.BIZ is no different than other tlds such as .com in regards to search results. Optimization and promotion are key to .BIZ becoming more prevalent in search results.
.BIZ domain easily identifies your business on the web. It helps you strengthen your online image and it introduces you as un up-to-date company that wishes to have a role online.
Most importantly, .BIZ enables your business to present itself as a serious player in the global marketplace, and helps you do what you do best – get down to business!

Overview of .BIZ Purchasers:
• 81% are 35-64 years old
• 66% are male
• Are the business leaders of small companies with modest revenue
• 59% are the President, CEO, or Owner
• 73% with a company of less than 10 people
• 52% have revenue of less than $250K
• 33.5% of the .BIZ domains are used for the business and computers category. The dominant subcategories within the business category are Arts and Entertainment, Electronics and Electrical, Financial Services, Industrial Goods and Services, Business Services, and Construction and Maintenance.



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