Advertising on Facebook

Be found by your customers on social networks

Your campaigns targeted exclusively to users in line with your business


Always in touch with your customers

Every day on social networks millions of pieces of content are shared, not just by individual users, and not all of who are teenagers, but mostly by companies. To not become a part of this "global discussion " means to miss the opportunity to come into direct contact with customers, both current and potential.

Favor the word of mouth

Establish a direct connection and dialogue with your customers. Share exclusive, high quality content with them, with the aim of making them passionate about your business so they speak positively of it. Reading their comments and responding to their questions is a way to know them better and to improve the service and the products you offer.

Detailed segmentation

The social campaigns aren't addressed indiscriminately to all, but to specific targets with special interests, in line with the service you offer. Targets are identified in terms of demography, geography, language and interests.

Advantages of a social campaign

Optimization and management of profiles and campaigns on social networks are relatively inexpensive compared to conventional promotional activities, and if constructed well can give excellent results in terms of engagement. You can create stable and lasting relationships with loyal users within your target audience.

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199,00 € + VAT


399,00 € + VAT


Price to be agreed
Guaranteed number of clicks 600 1300 Our specialists will ask you questions about your business in order to set up targeted and highly optimised Facebook campaigns
Campaign minimum duration (in days) 10 20
Site analysis
Company Facebook page creation
Facebook profile selection
Banner creation
Social network actions
Campaign optimization
Performance reporting
Dedicated Traffic Manager

199,00 € + VAT 399,00 € + VAT Price to be agreed