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SEO Standard

We select up to 10 terms or keywords relevant to your business and guarantee that 50% of these terms appear in the first page of Google in the first year. The Standard SEO performs all actions of optimization and all changes that aim to position your website in the top results of Google under the terms selected.

Expansive SEO

Do you have an online store? Do you own a website with many products or services and you would like to position all of them? Interested in positioning your site through a large number of keywords? An expansive SEO aims to position your website in all those keywords that exist in content. It is a type of SEO to position all products and services that your website has in medium term guaranteeing a minimal increase in visits to your website of 20%.

Progressive optimization

The aim of optimization is to achieve ranking for your website on the first page of search results, through continuous and progressive development that will give results in the medium to long term. The rules laid down by search engines are constantly evolving and are based on the assumption that the position should be as organic, natural, never too forced and long lasting.

Report to date

Constant monitoring by our Search Engine Optimization specialists allows the continuous improvement of the process of ranking your site. You will receive detailed monthly reports and can periodically check the progress of the optimization journey.

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179,00 € monthly + IVA


219,00 € monthly + IVA


319,00 € monthly + IVA


Price to be agreed
Google™ Analytics registration Our specialists will ask you questions about your business in order to set up targeted and highly optimised campaigns
Code optimization
Ongoing internal & external Link Building optimization
Social media registration (Facebook, twitter, Google places and more) and follow up activities related to SEO
Detailed campaign reports
Webmasters Tool instalation
SEO local/Regional
KEI Keyword Effectiveness Index
Keywords and Garanties 10 keywords 10 keywords - 50% of keywords in Google's first page 20 keywords - Increase of 20% on web visits
First activation price(only for the first year of service) 60,00 € monthly + IVA 60,00 € monthly + IVA 80,00 € monthly + IVA

Monthly price

179,00 € monthly + IVA 219,00 € monthly + IVA 319,00 € monthly + IVA Price to be agreed
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