Advertising on Google

Get traffic immediately from Google

Immediate visibility in the most popular online channels with maximum control of investment


Immediate visibility

As soon as your ads appear in the sponsored results of Google your site will receive visits from users interested in your content, who have researched keywords closely related to the content in your site.

Constant monitoring

By constantly monitoring performance, reported in detailed monthly reports, strategic changes can be made to campaigns to improve progress and maximize return on investment.

Optimize your campaigns

SEO specialists will identify keywords related to your business, make text ads and set up your campaign on Google. The expertise and professionalism of our experts is guaranteed by the Qualified Individual certification awarded by Google who have also recognized Nominalia has an AdWord Qualified Company.

Investment control

With the pay per click formula you choose how much to invest in a predefined number of clicks at the beginning of the campaign, with the guarantee of not paying more than the budget you have allocated and receiving all the clicks you pay for. The price of each click decreases with the increase of the quantity purchased.

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99,00 € + VAT


299,00 € + VAT


599,00 € + VAT


Price to be agreed
Estimated traffic 80 - 240 300 - 900 1000 - 1500 Our specialists will ask you questions about your business in order to set up targeted and highly optimised Google™ campaigns.
Campaign duration 1 month 2 months 3 months
Textual ads 1 3 3 customizable
Ads for tablets and mobiles
Negative keywords
Ads integrated with Google Maps
Campaign optimisation
Direct call ads
Geolocation ads
Conversions tracking
Google network
Dynamic ads(keyword insertion)

99,00 € + VAT 299,00 € + VAT 599,00 € + VAT Price to be agreed