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Configure your server

Select the services that you want to add to your product.

    • Chassis

    • Dell PowerEdge T130
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  • Processor


  • Ram


    Greater memory increases the performance of your Dedicated Server.

  • Hard Disk

    Hard Disk

    The hard disk capability for your Dedicated Server.

    Select between serial SATA disks or solid state drives SSD SATA. Choose HDD SATA to manage cost effectivelyand safe large volumes of data or 50 time higher performance in reading and writing of the new SSD SATA that will also assure a constant speed of access to data.
    The disk availability can vary depending on the configuration chosen.

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  • Speed Lan port

    Speed Lan port

    Select speed of the LAN Port among those available

    You may have a greater speed of your LAN Port: ideal if you operate multimedia content, if you have many users or customers, if you operate on sites that have a lot of traffic.

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  • Traffic


  • IPv4 Addresses

    IPv4 Addresses

  • IPv6 Addresses

    IPv6 Addresses

  • Panels

    Admin Panels

    Purchase the admin panel and the number of licenses you need: each license allows you to manage a number of domains varies depending on your needs. The Panels available on your server are affected by the OS you decide to install after purchase.

    Plesk Onyx Web Admin (10 Domains) is included free of charge with the purchase of a dedicated Server, while the versions Plesk Onyx Web Pro Edition (30 Domains) and Plesk Onyx Web Host Edition (Unlimited Domains) are subject to an extra charge.
    cPanel/WHM is currently only available for the operating system CentOS 6.

    For more information on Plesk Onyx please visit this page.

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  • Operating System

    Windows 2008 Server

    While the service is being activated, select and install Web or R2 Standard with 64 bits.

  • Remote Desktop Services CAL

    Remote Desktop Services CAL

    Purchase Remote Desktop Services CAL (Client Access License) licenses are required to allow users simultaneous connections to your server. Suitable for Windows operating systems only.

  • Server Backup

    Server Backup

    The Server Backup service enables you to constantly protect your data

    Choose the number of agents that you need (each agent must be associated with an IP address) and the space needed and in a few steps you can begin to archiving and securing the data on your server.
    Check agent requirements and compatibility with the operating system and with your server configuration.
    Agents are available for both Windows and Linux versions can be installed in our dedicated and virtual servers.
    The purchase of a Server Backup Service offers you:
    • complete and incremental backups
    • a timetable for backup
    • simply activated and managed recovery points
    • backups of single directories or files
    • Real Time Backup technology to set backups without any repercussions on server performance.

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  • SSL Certificate

    SSL Certificate

    Your online business more secure!

    SSL certificates are synonymous with safety and reliability. Purchase them together with your Dedicated Server or later on to ensure safety of information and of your data circulating on the network and warranting protection.

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    SSL free for one year

    Additional SSL

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