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On Facebook you will find the right people and you will capture their attention with your products and services.

What does the Advertising on Facebook include?

An expert social media team will manage your campaigns

Always in touch with
your customers

Every day on social networks millions of pieces of content are shared, not just by individual users, and not all of who are teenagers, but mostly by companies. To not become a part of this "global discussion " means to miss the opportunity to come into direct contact with customers, both current and potential.

Favor the
word of mouth

Establish a direct connection and dialogue with your customers. Share exclusive, high quality content with them, with the aim of making them passionate about your business so they speak positively of it. Reading their comments and responding to their questions is a way to know them better and to improve the service and the products you offer.


The biggest advantage to do advertising on Facebook is the ability to target specific groups of highly engaged people. The social campaigns aren't addressed indiscriminately to all, but to specific targets with special interests, in line with the service you offer. Targets are identified in terms of demography, geography, language and interests.

Affordable campaigns

Optimization and management of profiles and campaigns on social networks are relatively
inexpensive compared to conventional promotional activities, and if constructed well can give excellent results in terms of engagement. You can create stable and lasting relationships with loyal users within your target audience.

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1 month

Campaign minimum duration

Increase fans

Geographical definition of interest

Definition target population of interest

Target definition of interest

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1 month

Campaign minimum duration

Increase fans

Geographical definition of interest

Definition target population of interest

Target definition of interest

Send report

Presentation about product / service

Optimization of fan page

1 month

Periodic optimization of the parameters of the sponsored campaign


Choose a custom made campaign fit to your needs.

Our specialists will ask you questions about your business in order to set up targeted and highly optimised Facebook campaigns

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Your questions, our answers

  • Can I use my Facebook profile to promote my business?

    The landing pages are intended to clear the product and the advantages with a very focused message. Pages are optimized for high performance in terms of speed, ease of reading and structured in function of the agreed upon objective.

  • How do payment campaigns work on Facebook?

    Facebook Ads works similarly to Google AdWords. First you have to make the campaign, create the ad groups and finally create the ads. These can be text, graphics or videos and can be displayed both in news section and column on the right on computers, as in the news section of mobile phones. Once the campaigns are created, it is necessary to optimize them daily.

  • What are the advantages of Facebook Ads?

    With Facebook Ads, you can segment your target audience in detail and tailor your ads to your ideal customer. It is an affordable way to advertise on the web, since you will only pay for the clicks you receive.

  • How can I measure the results?

    Thanks to the detailed reports that Nominalia will send you, you can be aware of the results obtained from the campaigns.

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