Initial Analysis SEO

Learn about the current status of your site

Use the initial SEO Analysis of Nominalia to detect and correct errors in your website and identify opportunities to improve your web positioning.

What does the SEO Initial Analysis include?

Loading site

Study of load speed time. We offer suggestions if you need to change the hosting or take action on the current server.

Web accessibility

Web accessibility study for search engines. We will analyze the layout of your website and offer suggestions to improve it.

Code validation

Validation study of xhtml / html5 code. Detection of possible errors.

Website submission

Website indexing. It analyzes how the website is indexed in Google, number of pages indexed and broken links.

Seo optimization

SEO optimization study. We'll give you suggestions to improve the code on your page.

Social presence

Evaluation of the impact on social networks.

Multi-device compatibility

Study of multi-device compatibility.

Custom Report

Delivery of a personalized report with specific suggestions from all the previous points.

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This analysis has a cost of 99 €, which will be deducted if you finally decide to purchase any pack of the SEO service.

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Hw does it work?

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