Professional Solution

Your mail synchronized on every device

Why choose it

  • Synchronization

    With the Professional Solution you can go further with your inbox with the real-time synchronization on Outlook and any mobile device. For example, you can write an email on your work computer, save it in drafts and then change it on your phone or tablet, even when you're offline.

  • Sharing

    Thanks to online Webmail/PIM (Personal Information Manager) in its advanced version you can work collaboratively on the activities with the other mail of your domain, have a shared calendar appointments and much more.

  • 1000 SMTP sendings

    The Professional solution also includes 1000 SMTP sendings per day (per email) to send mails in freedom from your favorite client or mobile.

  • Antivirus/Antispam

    The Professional email comes with the Antivirus / Antispam already active: to protect you and your work from unwanted messages before you download mail.

  • Free Trial

    Why don't you try all the features of Professional email before buying it? gives you the opportunity to try it unlimited for a month. If you like it you can buy it. Find out how.

  • Email accounts 2 GB

    The email, the heart of your communication

    Thanks to latest generation technologies, enhanced infrastructure and constantly updated management tools the email accounts of are a highly advanced and professional communication tool.

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  • Virus and Spam Protection

    Protect your email from viruses and spam

    Thanks to our powerful and constantly updated detection systems, you can secure your email and your devices, automatically blocking malicious code and unwanted messages addressed to your mailbox.

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Included here too

  • Tailored email

    Go to the configurator, add or remove features according to your needs: create your email for the price you want!


*Promo valid from 0,95€/month for end users and resellers for 2,5 and 10 GB emails until 31/08/17.